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My (highly achievable) 2011 Resolutions

13 years ago

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I finally got my new year’s resolutions set. It only took me 10 days to do it. Actually, it did not take me very long at all. I put it off for almost 9 days, and gave it very little thought. Then, I realized 2011 was already here and I had to hurry to make mine. I agonized over these resolutions. I put in a solid 15 minutes of agony and came up with some perfect resolutions.

To guarantee that my pursuits did not end up like most peoples’ resolutions I had to adjust my philosophy. Most people try to quite a bad habit, or start something hard as part of their resolution. Those endeavors seem much too likely to fail in my life so I started by paring back. Not wanting to set the bar too high I thought the majority of my resolutions could be… well… easier. Instead of quitting something bad or starting something hard I resolved to do the opposite. I’ll explain what I mean.

I like the majority of my life. Sure, I could stand to lose a little weight, or add some self-discipline, but that is not the kind of resolution I’m setting out for. I want to continue to NOT do certain things. In fact there are several things I RESOLVE not to start this year.

• I will not start wearing skinny jeans and deep V-necks. This resolution is for the public at large as well as my general comfort level.

• I resolve to not upgrade my current hard-core drug use level. (which is none) I have never had a desire to use hard-core drugs, so I think I can keep this resolution by not using them.

• I will not take up base jumping. This resolution suits me well. I don’t enjoy heights, I’m not that fond of parachutes, and I look terrible in a jumpsuit. It’s really a win-win-win.

• I will not procrastinate more than I already do. I may put this resolution off for a while… we’ll see how it pans out.

So, those are the negative resolutions. Here are my positive resolutions.

• I resolve to continue to work. I love my job and I enjoy spending money. Therefore, I will make every effort to continue working.

• I resolve to regularly look at my wife’s facebook status. She gets upset when she posts something funny or cute and I don’t see it. So, I will do my best to view it more often than I do.

• I will be nicer to my kids. I hear 3 meals a day is recommended by some experts. I’ll give that a try for a while.

Well, there you have it. My highly accomplishable resolutions are laid out for your reading pleasure.
Seriously though, I am resolving to read my Bible much more than 2010. I also desire to be conformed to the likeness of Christ like I’ve never been.

What are your resolutions?

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