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13 years ago

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Review of Radical by David Platt

5 out of 5 stars

Ask yourself two questions. First, do you believe Jesus? I don’t mean, do you believe in Jesus, or do think Jesus is real? Nor do I mean is Jesus your savior, though I hope he is… No, I mean do you believe what Jesus said, all of it? Not just the parts that make you feel warm or the parts that fit your personality, do you believe everything that Jesus said? Do you really? That is the first question.

The second question, will you obey him? I’m not asking if you will be good or nice, or even try really hard. I’m asking if you will really do all that Jesus commanded in his word. So, will you? Will you obey Jesus?

Those two questions make up the premise of the David Platt’s book Radical. The author is the pastor a church in Alabama that was once one of the fastest growing churches in America. He was living the American dream when he asked himself these two questions. After introducing these two questions Platt spends the rest of his book talking about what Jesus said and how people are or are not living in obedience to those words. This book is not so much a condemnation on American church culture. Rather, it is an examination of how the American dream and American culture are in conflict with the living as Jesus commanded.

I thoroughly enjoyed Radical. It was an easy and short read; it only took me a day or two to make my way through the book. The message was simple but not simplistic. Platt remained dogmatic about topics that are essential, but kept from making his specific practices a legalistic litmus test of true faith. Radical covers all kinds of social justice topics as well how we live as American believers.

I also loved the biblical integrity the author maintained throughout this book. I found his stories to be applicable to common readers. His solutions and anecdotes were not the stuff of legends either. Instead, they were about common people doing uncommon, but achievable things.

Overall, I think the book was great. These two questions are questions that every believer should ask himself. This book was provided for review by the publisher, Multnomah Books.

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