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Review of “For Young Men Only” by Feldhahn and Rice

14 years ago

316 words

5 out of 5 stars

For Young Men Only is a good book for guys about girls. Here is the description from the book:
“Just for guys…
the inside scoop on girls
from the girls themselves.

Okay, the authors aren’t girls. But to bring you the facts they surveyed more than 1,000 of them. Every teen guy wants to know how girls are wired, what they want, and how they really think…

Or at least how to talk to a girl without feeling like an idiot.

Here’s your chance to find out.”

I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t the typical dating or sexual purity book like most material written for teenage guys. Instead, a guy is given scientific research on what girls think and how they operate. The authors interviewed 1,000 girls and compiled their answers to write this book. The result is a book that enlightens guys on the alien sex written in a way a guy can understand.

This information is given for the purpose of helping guys improve relationships with girls. This isn’t just about improving boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, but any relationship with a girl. This could help a guy’s relationship with a sister, friend, or even a mom. It also helps fellas who want to deepen a friendship with a lady.

We used this book in a guys study with high school age guys. Everyone benefited from reading the book. I enjoyed that the sole focus wasn’t dating or sexual purity. Those topics are mentioned in a round-about way, but in the context of how girls think and act. We even brought in the girls, who were going through the other book for girls only, to see if what the book said was true. The girls and guys were shocked to find out how different they really were… it was funny.

Overall, a solid book for any guy wanting to understand females.

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