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Doing hard things isn’t so hard…

14 years ago

209 words

Do Hard Things is a book about teens, or any young person for that matter, taking responsibility rather than being a social leech. In a time where adolescence is expected to extend into the late twenties, this book is a needed encouragement to break the pattern. I love the fact that teens are not settling for a life of video games and non-stop parties as the sum of their life.

I do not agree with everything in Do Hard Things. For one, parents are usually the main reason kids don’t do hard things. Going cross-country for an internship is not an option for most youth. Second, this book could really discourage someone who is not that motivated or hasn’t accomplished much. These guys have done quite a bit, but it comes across like their life is what is required for significance.

Despite these negatives I believe in the premise of the book. If you read a book like Teen 2.0 by Epstein he argues that many of today’s teen cultural ills are a result of teens having too little freedom and too little responsibility. The authors are using their freedom to fuel their dreams by responsibly following their passions.

Overall, a good book a teen should read.

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