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13 years ago

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Shawn Small is a brilliant story teller. In his latest offering, Via Advent, the reader is taken on an adventure surrounding the birth of our Savior. The story of the Advent is told from many different viewpoints. In Via Advent Shawn tells the story of the coming of Immanuel from the perspective of heavenly scribes, prophets, kings, peasants, and the scared but faithful parents of the coming Messiah.

This book is written as a devotional for the season of Advent. There is one chapter for each of the 40 days of the Advent season. (see the book for more information on how the dates line up) I enjoyed walking through each distinct session. Each chapter contains a gorgeous illustration by Jenny Slaver, several related scriptures, a quote, the story, and a closing prayer. The stories may be historical fiction, but they are all based on biblical events.

The stories draw you into the events of the Bible. They are woven together in a way that causes the reader to appreciate the beautiful tapestry our Heavenly Father orchestrated in sending his son. Each chapter makes the story of the Advent come alive, enticing you to read ahead. By the end of the Via Advent, if you allow yourself, you will worship the God-child in a deeper way and will greater appreciation.

Like Via Crucis, Shawn’s first book, Via Advent will help deepen your faith, and give you a grander appreciation for the Advent tradition. Hopefully, it will also help bring to life the message of the coming Messiah.

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