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Tag: football

Do Americans Hate Soccer?

10 years ago

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Well, the World Cup has started and now our quadrennial fascination with soccer has begun. It will be short-lived as it only lasts a month or so, less if you are only cheering for the team from the USA. ┬áBut during that time many Americans will cheer for people that we barely know, and get…

4 Things Playing Sports Taught Me

12 years ago

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I have played sports my whole life. I have had some success, but overall I’m a mediocre athlete (now out of shape) who tries hard. Here are some things I’ve learned that are applicable to my life. Showing up is not enough. Real sports, not t-ball and pre-k soccer, involve winning and losing. Not everyone…

My favorite spiritual gift

13 years ago

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We just finished our last session of “Contagious Christian” study today in Edwin’s Bible study. It was a good study and I’m glad people are seeking to find ways to share their faith. I wish I was a better evangelist. But, what I really want is a more specific gift… evangelism linebacking! This video gives…