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I love my new mattress

10 years ago

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Few purchases are more important than a mattress. You spend about ⅓ of your life sleeping and huge amounts of research  attest to the importance of quality sleep. Those two factors lead me to believe that what you sleep on is equally important as the amount you sleep each night. As a single income family, and that income being a pastor’s salary, we do not live an extravagant lifestyle. I’m not complaining, the Lord has blessed us with all that we need and more. We simply have to live like most other people, on a budget with planned purchases. I was not planning to make a large purchase until things got bad.

About a year ago I noticed my back and hips were very sore upon waking. I hadn’t changed my activities but it kept getting worse. I started getting treatments, massage, chiropractic, and stretching but none of them got rid of my ailments. I tried everything to get rid of my pain but it kept getting worse. One morning while making the bed, a rare occasion, I noticed it had a weird shape and didn’t look very comfortable. I talked with my massage therapist and she said a new mattress could really help my overall health. I was desperate. I decided to give it a try. The worst that could happen was I would have a more comfortable sleep.

I counted my pennies up and decided to get a new mattress. This is a hard decision. There are numerous websites dedicated to choosing the right mattress for you. The technologies that surround mattresses are infinite… adjustable, green, latex, memory foam, sleep numbers, coil count, the list goes on and on. It is very confusing. My least favorite part of the mattress industry is the “sleazy salesman” aspect. With all of the price cuts, high pressure sales tactics, and general lack of knowledge about what goes into a mattress is frustrating. After shopping at numerous stores I nearly gave up.

I found out my friend, Mark, was opening up a mattress store. I was skeptical but he explained to me how his store was going to be different. His store is called Urban Mattress and it was actually different than the big box stores. Most of the beds were made of stuff I could pronounce, he asked me lots of questions about how my wife and I sleep, answered all of my questions and showed me mattresses that made sense to me. His prices were good compared to other stores but his products were clearly better. He explained that he wouldn’t have those “HUGE BLOWOUT SALES” others stores did that would make me feel ripped off for buying a mattress at the wrong time. It was also great to hear that he and his wife actually use their own products.

It was a very pleasant buying experience. After narrowing it down to two beds that fit our sleep style, budget, and comfort level we picked the Dunlopillo Bio-Temp Ambiance Luxury Firm mattress. It is a pretty great mattress made completely out of natural latex. It’s not like a spring mattress, you can’t feel any movement from your partner and you don’t feel any pressure points springs make. But, it’s not like a memory foam mattress, you don’t sink down into it or get too hot. I also liked the fact that the bed was made in America at an environmentally friendly facility. Most importantly, it was in our price range, so we went for it. We paid for it and Mark delivered it to our house 3 hours after we walked out.

We moved our old mattress and I found out it was 20+ years old. We put our new mattress in our room and it’s been wonderful. I’ve slept so soundly and haven’t woken up with any back or hip pain since I got it. My wife loves it too. She never feels me get into bed or move around in the middle of the night.

We also bought new pillows to go with our new bed. They are made for us as we sleep differently. The combination of new bed, bed spring, and pillows make for a great night’s sleep. I’m so glad we made this purchase. It has helped my overall health and my sleeping habits. I can’t thank Mark enough for helping make this important purchase.

If you need a new mattress, go see my friend, Mark. Urban Mattress is a great place to shop, has quality products, and a percentage of every purchase goes to help a local charity.


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