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10 years ago

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This weekend I’m preaching Smart Decisions. it got me to thinking about my favorite Smart Decision resources. I love tools that help me live as wise instead of unwise. I’m not mentioning the Bible in this list because each of these three volumes maintain that the Bible is THE source of truth, especially when making decisions. I agree and will simply list the resources with the understanding that the Bible is the greatest resource. There are a few resources I would highly recommend when it comes to making smart decisions.

The first one is Wisdom On … Making Good Decisions (invert) because I helped edit it for theological content. It is meant for younger folks but it is a good read for anyone looking for insight on decision making.

The second resource is Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? because it is written by a man I highly respect and makes lots of sense to me. Bruce Waltke is a wonderful scholar as well as a very godly man. In this book he explores the popular Christian notion of “finding God’s will.” He is not in favor of this type of thinking as well as attributes it to spiritual immaturity and even witchcraft… I’ve read this book three times and refer to it regularly when talking about making decisions with people.

The last resource is Decision Making and the Will of God: A Biblical Alternative to the Traditional View because I feel this is the most complete resource on the matter. It is a large book that has lots of biblical references and stories that help clarify his conclusions.

There are many more but these are three that I personally recommend in your search for making Smart Decisions.

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