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How Connected Do You Want To Be?

12 years ago

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Remember when Phantom Vibrations were a big deal? You know, that feeling you get like your phone just vibrated in your pocket… but your phone is NOT in your pocket! I remember when that happened the first few times, it was creepy. But now Nokia is taking it up a notch.

According to the Huffington Post:

“Finnish mobile phone developer Nokia has filed for a patent on a magnetic, vibrating tattoo or badge that alerts users when their phones are ringing.”

What this means is that you can sync your tattoo, or a badge with the same stuff on it, with your phone. Then, every time your phone gave you a notification your tattoo would vibrate in a different way, much like setting unique ringtones.  This is ultimate stealth mode.

No word yet on health risks or what happens when you change carriers, phones, or brands. This is the sci-fi stuff I heard about when I was a kid. Now, if we could just all get a jetpack and a flying car…

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