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Is The Gospel A Virus? Pt. 2

12 years ago

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I’m still thinking, studying, and praying about what I think about this question posed in an earlier blog. But, my friend from, Arturo Hernandez, seminary wrote about it in an interesting way.

“I would say that the natural man is immune to the gospel message by the inoculation of sin and cannot come to saving faith without the infusion or inoculation of the Spirit. As far as the churched or those raised in the church and gospel environment…they seem to suffer from the “not finishing your antibiotics” syndrome. You know, when you have an infection, you start taking antibiotics, but once you feel better you stop, only to find out that your virus never went away and now needs to go through the med process all over again. Many of us who grow up entrenched in this environment, we get passionate for a little while, we feel good, then stop, take a step back, than get infused with a surge of passion for God again, then go back…etc. etc. Sorry for the corny analogy, but it seemed pretty close to the theme you started, haha.”

2 Replies to “Is The Gospel A Virus? Pt. 2”

  1. That’s an interesting analogy. Seems pretty apt. The talk and Christianese just becomes noise and we spew out rote answers without thinking what they really mean. And occasionally something gets through to our soul and we are aware of how much we were on auto pilot and we wake up for a moment. But just for a moment. Then we go back to sleep walking. Or I should say “I” and not “we”, because I don’t know if everyone is this way.

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