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Where you end up is determined by where are headed

13 years ago

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I just finished a great book by Andy Stanley. It is called The Principle of the Path: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be and it was a refreshing look at life from the book of Proverbs. Many new Christian books are really just self-help books with some Bible verses mixed in. This book is not like that. Instead, Stanley offers solid biblical advice, which comes from Proverbs, that makes sense for anyone.

Stanley offers some of his own life experience as well gives the reader examples from his years of ministry. Most of these examples focus on 3 major areas of life, relationships, finances, and personal habits. He uses these three areas because these are where most people get off-track the most. These areas are also talked about very specifically in the Bible, which gives Stanley a large number of principles to work with.

The premise of the book is the path you take determines where you end up. Sure, sounds easy enough, but it is much harder to practice. In the end your path dictates your destination. Your path may seem, and may even be complex. But it is your path that is the most important aspect of your goal. Most other factors mean little in determining where you end up. Intent is one of those inconsequential factors. Sincerity, determination, and even perseverance don’t mean much if you are not on the right path.

This book is timely and well done. So many people don’t understand why God is “punishing them” in their current situation. Others can’t believe they are in the spot they are in life. Most of these folks haven’t taken the right path. Using a driving analogy Stanley talks about following directions, using common sense, reading warning signs, and doing things correctly. His assumption is that most people “know” what to do, but they simply DO what they feel like doing. He has some great examples in this book. Most of them involve intelligent people not doing what they know they should be doing. Smart business folks who consistently make poor personal financial decisions, healthcare professionals who have poor personal habits, and committed believers trapped in sin they know is wrong are just a few of his examples. Each one knew what was right and decided to not do the right thing. Each one had his or her reason to not take the right path. They all ignored warning signs and ended up in a bad place.

But all hope is not lost. Stanley offers hope and some encouragement to people who are on the wrong path. His advice is simple, but not easy – Get on the right path!

I do recommend this book for anyone who wants to achieve a goal in life.

A complimentary copy of The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley was provided from the publisher through the book review bloggers program.

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