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Still Celebrating the Resurrection!

13 years ago

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The Christian equivalent of the Super Bowl is now over. Easter is crunch-time for ever church staff member I know. At Grace Church we had a great Easter weekend. Good Friday service reminded us of the death of Jesus as well as the new life because of the large number of baptisms we witnessed. I had the privilege of baptizing a young guy named Clay. There were 8 kids baptized and just as many adults. A whole family was baptized together that gave us a great picture of reconciliation.

Saturday and Sunday also proved fruitful. Saturday night service (just like our Sunday morning services) provided an outlet for people to come and celebrate Easter who had Sunday morning obligations elsewhere. A large number of folks showed up at the sunrise service. I despise waking up early so I prayed for them the night before. I heard it was an exciting time of worship. I do know that breakfast they enjoyed afterward was incredible because they had some left over and I tried it. Our Sunday services were full (of course) but had a great environment of worship. The choir and worship team rocked the house with the praises to the Lord. Edwin brought an awesome Easter message based on 1 Corinthians 15:58. His message is that we are to celebrate the resurrection with our daily lives. I loved it.

Even after the service our family celebrated Easter with some friends. Another reminders that we can celebrate because “he is not here, he is risen!”

So, I’m gonna continue to celebrate. This is especially true since the “big show” is now over. Therefore, I can’t think of a better video to remind me of the resurrection. I hope you enjoy it.

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