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14 years ago

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The saying goes “perception is reality.” While there is truth to that statement, it is not absolutely true. The truth is, as simple as it may sound, reality is reality. The way we interpret reality can be really misleading. The Bible tells us “the heart is deceitful” and not admitting that is denying a greater truth for a lessor.

When we hold our perception so tightly and allow no room for alternatives bad things can happen. Go back to Jr. High. When you saw someone looking at you while talking with another person didn’t you assume that they were talking about you? If you didn’t, you were an exceptionally mature 13 year old. Now, being a little older, you know better. Those people probably weren’t talking about you but your perception told you it was true.

When you let your perception ultimately shape your reality you are giving a liar (your heart) free reign in your life. This is like believing everything your sarcastic friend from HS says. Remember how you made fun of that person who believed everything that was said? Don’t be that person. Live as wise, not as unwise.

Your perceptions are valuable but do not give them free reign in your life. Temper them with wisdom, wise counsel, the Bible, and maturity. By doing so you will have better handle on reality

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