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What is a Tweet or “Like” Worth?

14 years ago

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I will be the first to admit I’m NO internet marketing genius. Shocker, huh? I have a friend who is though, and I’ve recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express… jk on that last one. I have no real idea how to market well or establish an online presence. Social media, to me, is being able to connect with folks I like to connect with, not much else. I like to use facebook and twitter but I have never really thought of them as dollar values for marketing. Basically, I’m just a normal user. I use these things like normal users do. Nothing special to see here.

I am not even an early adopter most of the time. I like new technologies, but by the time it takes me to learn how to use them well they are not popular, or never caught on in the first place. Also, I am terrible at predicting the next big, awesome thing. Fortunately for me, I’m not the only one. Adam Mclane explains in this blog why all of the hyped up “NEXT BIG THINGs” fall flat in social media. That, as social media user, makes me happy. In a way it sticks it to the man. When I am not the man, I really want to stick it to him. Not sure why, but I’m sure it involves depravity and my sin nature.

But sometimes I am the man. No, not Da Man… but just the man. Like on Wednesday I was part of the man putting on a concert here in Albuquerque. Grace Church and Victory Outreach teamed up to host Lecrae and several other great hip-hop artists as a part of the UNASHAMED TOUR. It was great. During that concert I was the man and because I was the man on that particular night I’m sure people wanted to stick it to me…

As the man, can tweets and facebook “likes” and other social media equal money for me and my event? Well, according to Eventbrite it most certainly does. They just did a recent study (read about it here) and found that all of those things mean more money coming in for events and the people who host them. I had never really thought about it that way. Or, if I have thought about it I wasn’t sure I was able to understand the tangible benefit. This benefit happens without killing your brand, which my good buddy Adam says is never a good thing to do. So, as the man I can stay true to my brand and values as well as reap a tangible reward for my effort. That is kinda neat.

For the most of the time I will simply be a user of social media. But, it is good to know these things are out there when I need them.

If you have comments I would love to hear them.

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