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My Review of New Balance MT100’s

14 years ago

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I am not a runner. I run, but I’m not religious about it. I enjoy fitness training and strive to do things the right way. As a big guy I want to train in such a way that I can stay active for many years to come. While I’m not an expert, I like reviewing fitness equipment, so here is my first offering.

I recently bought a pair of New Balance MT100’s from

* Comfortable
* SUPER Lightweight
* Rugged Sole

* Wears Quickly (cloth)

Best Uses
* All Weather Conditions
* Mixed Terrain
* Trail Running
* Walking
* Water

Comments about New Balance MT100BK:

I am a big guy (6’2″ 265) and finding running shoes is hard. I took up barefoot running (after learning lots about it on this site) over a year ago after being tired of my feet hurting all the time from conventional running shoes. I love barefoot but my feet will probably never be able to run on terrain other than grass without shoes. I was considering 5 Fingers but didn’t want to go that extreme. I really like NB and decided to try them.

These shoes are great! There is just a slight rise and they weigh next to nothing. The insole is glued in so you don’t have to wear socks (if you wear them in wet weather/terrain). I run about 4-8 miles a week in mixed terrain. I love them. I also wore them to camp, a camping trip and two mission trips (very outdoorsy) and they were great! If you are running on rocks the plate in the forefoot is wonderful.

Three things that aren’t perfect on the MT100’s. 1. The heel rise. NB, you are so close to making a shoe with no heel rise, just do it already. 2. The smell. This shoe has a smell to it. Not sure what it is, but I suspect that it is the special cloth on the shoe. Doesn’t smell terrible or strong, just kinda smells. 3. Durability. These shoes are durable in one sense. You can take them anywhere and they will stand up to the test. I wore them in the river, mud, dust, rocks, and everywhere else I could this summer. But, because they are slightly narrow my pinky toe rubbed a hole in both shoes. Besides those holes they were still in great shape. So, not super durable in the cloth part, but the shoe is very well put together.

* Sizing: Feels half size too small
* Width: Feels slightly narrow

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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