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Tag: prayer

The Lord’s Prayer Luke 11:1-13

12 years ago

33 words

Pastor Edwin is teaching through Luke over the course of the next few years… 🙂 He was doing a wedding and asked me to preach his sermon on Saturday night. It was fun! Play in new window | Download | Embed

How to REALLY know God’s Plan – Thoughts on Sovereignty (part 3)

13 years ago

680 words

In my last post I said that we are not given the details about God’s plan and faith is more important than knowing every detail. Well, I wasn’t being 100% honest. A few people, very few, do actually get some God-ordained details about God’s will/plan. The problem is that many people claim they get this…


13 years ago

597 words

Prayer… a large, complicated, and, at times, an elusive, mysterious topic. Prayer is one of those things that everyone says is VERY important. But in reality most people prefer to “do” something than pray. Why is that? Maybe because we are not good at it? Maybe we do not really know how to pray that…

Why we didn’t pray for finals this week

14 years ago

316 words

We did NOT pray for finals this week in small groups… at least in my group. During our prayer time this week our high school students split up according to grade. I was with the freshmen for prayer time. I enjoy being with them because freshmen are… well… cute. Sometimes they are goofy, sometimes they…