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Tag: Evangelism

Who’s in Charge of Your Ministry? Matthew 11:25-27

12 years ago

154 words

Sometimes ministry gets really hard… Rejection can take a toll on you. Jesus had just experienced massive rejection in region of Galilee. He deals with it the best way anyone can… he confirms his perspective. Jesus knows that all things are in the Father’s control. Likewise, it is not up to us how to people…

The Call to Care

12 years ago

165 words

Matthew 9:35-38 is a short but powerful passage. It summarizes the first 9 chapters of Matthew and gives a sneak peak into how Jesus’ ministry would continue even past his death and resurrection. Our mission as believers is also contained in this passage. We are continue Jesus’ work of preaching the good news of the…

My favorite spiritual gift

13 years ago

68 words

We just finished our last session of “Contagious Christian” study today in Edwin’s Bible study. It was a good study and I’m glad people are seeking to find ways to share their faith. I wish I was a better evangelist. But, what I really want is a more specific gift… evangelism linebacking! This video gives…

How do you approach Evangelism?

13 years ago

49 words

Josh has a great video about Evangelism and Apologetics. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people try to “just give better facts” to convince others to believe. Not awesome… Watch this video and see if your life/attitude/actions are congruent with the Word you believe.