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Category: Teaching

1 Corinthians 9 Argument

7 years ago

649 words

I’ve been looking at 1 Corinthians 9 lately for some personal research and I found this in my old files… it was from my time at seminary. I thought it was worthwhile to post, maybe someone will benefit from it. Introduction This letter was written by Paul to the believers at Corinth to deal with…

Mike Carrico Teaches

12 years ago

12 words

Mike Carrico taught this summer and I thought I would share it. Play in new window | Download | Embed

Ephesians pt 3

12 years ago

34 words

This is the third and final teaching on Ephesians from this summer. Click here if you would like to hear the first session, or click here if you want to hear the second session. Play in new window | Download | Embed

Ephesians pt 2

12 years ago

31 words

I mentioned in my last post that I had the privilege to teach through the first 3 chapters of Ephesians this summer. Here is the second teaching in the series of three. Play in new window | Download | Embed

Ephesians pt 1

12 years ago

69 words

I got to teach through the first half of my favorite book, Ephesians, TWICE this summer. The first time was at Joni & Friends Family Retreat at Mission Springs. The second time was here at Grace Church in the month of July. I had a blast and I hope it was a blessing. In case…

Matthew 12, Luke 11, Mark 3 – Jesus & Beelzebub

12 years ago

25 words

Matthew of 12:22-37, Luke 11:14-28, Mark 3:20-30 Jesus heals a man with 3 disabilities and that leads to a discussion about where Jesus’ power comes from. Play in new window | Download | Embed

Daniel and Character pt. 2

12 years ago

21 words

Last time I posted Chris Freeland’s first message. Here is his second message about Character and the book of Daniel. Enjoy. Play in new window | Download | Embed

Daniel and Character

12 years ago

35 words

Chris Freeland talks about character and the Book of Daniel. Chris is the Lead Pastor of McKinney Church in Ft. Worth, TX. If you want to hear his next message, you can find it here. Play in new window | Download | Embed

The 12 Apostles and the World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn – Mark 3:13-21

12 years ago

90 words

Some passages are hard to understand. The second part of Mark 3:13-21 is hard to understand. The first part of this message is about God choosing people he knows fully. We are never a draft bust for him. The second half is me trying to explain a hard passage about Jesus’ family. Hope you enjoy.…

The Lord’s Prayer Luke 11:1-13

12 years ago

33 words

Pastor Edwin is teaching through Luke over the course of the next few years… 🙂 He was doing a wedding and asked me to preach his sermon on Saturday night. It was fun! Play in new window | Download | Embed