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Category: Personal

Do Americans Hate Soccer?

6 years ago

761 words

Well, the World Cup has started and now our quadrennial fascination with soccer has begun. It will be short-lived as it only lasts a month or so, less if you are only cheering for the team from the USA. ┬áBut during that time many Americans will cheer for people that we barely know, and get…

Are you too old to live generously?

6 years ago

78 words

I hear lots of excuses for not being a generous person and age is certainly one of them. Why do we give? What do we give? How do we give. Here is a video about a lady that is not too old to be generous at 98 years old. Below is an excerpt from a…

Smart Decisions

6 years ago

289 words

This weekend I’m preaching Smart Decisions. it got me to thinking about my favorite Smart Decision resources. I love tools that help me live as wise instead of unwise. I’m not mentioning the Bible in this list because each of these three volumes maintain that the Bible is THE source of truth, especially when making…

Health and Wellness

6 years ago

363 words

Spiritual health is very important is available to everyone. Here are some resources that I love that can help you achieve greater spiritual health. Just like any kind of health equipment these all come with a warning. Use them correctly, use them appropriately, and remember the goal. The goal of using a treadmill is to…

Youth Ministry Sellout – pt. 2

7 years ago

1224 words

In my last Youth Ministry Sellout Post I talked about my move out of youth ministry and some new perspectives I have since said sellout. In this post I’m going look back and talk about some successes and failures in youth ministry. To be clear, some of these are mine, some of these I witnessed…

Tragedies, Guns, and a Christian Response

7 years ago

1506 words

There have been a number of terrible tragedies in the US. The latest one happened in our backyard, South Albuquerque. My heart mourns, it aches. I mourn with my brothers and sisters at Calvary Abq who lost a pastor and a great family. I can’t understand why these things happen. I don’t understand evil. I…

My 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

7 years ago

730 words

Well, 2013 just began, is two weeks in, is almost a month old. Therefore, It is about time to declare my resolutions to the world. I don’t take these lightly. In fact, I am very serious about personal self-improvement. I accomplished all of my 2011 resolutions and 3 out of 5 of my 2012 resolutions.…

Best Christmas List EVER!

8 years ago

1248 words

Christmas is just around the corner. I’m reminded of this every time I accompany my wife to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, who have had Christmas decor out since the last week of July. To be exact, only 72 days left to buy gifts for everyone on your lists. So, for all of you who were…

How Circles will help eliminate poverty New Mexico

8 years ago

361 words

  I’ve recently gotten involved with an organization called Circles. The guy in charge, Scott C. Miller, is a great guy who is involved in high-impact strategies to help people get out of poverty. Scott has been involved with social programs for a long time. He is convinced most social programs do not accomplish what…

Life After Lasik Pt. 3

8 years ago

666 words

I have told you about my decision to get Lasik and the whole surgical experience. Let me tell you about the post-op care , the results, and my follow-up appointments. Post-op Care Post-op care was not difficult. Every 4 hours I had to put eye drops in my eyes. I used two types of drops.…