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Category: Fitness Equipment

A Better Way to Pack Is A Better Way to Live

5 years ago

914 words

I really enjoy self improvement. I have one of those personalities that thrives on outside goals to motivate me to be better. Just left to my own motivation, things get pretty bad. I know that, I own that, so when I lack motivation I begin looking for that thing that will provide motivation for me.…

Daddy’s Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

8 years ago

429 words

A few weeks ago I wanted to get some new running shoes. I’m pretty picky when it comes to shoes, especially running shoes. A few years back I started looking into minimalist and barefoot running. The first shoes I bought were my NB MT100’s. Those shoes hooked me into minimalist footwear. I loved them. I…

TRX Suspension Trainer – Review

8 years ago

460 words

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a pretty great piece of exercise equipment. 9 months ago I started working out at Southwest Sports Institute here in Albuquerque. When I walked into the gym I saw a few pieces of the standard fitness equipment. There were some treadmills and other aerobic trainers, a smith machine, a squat…

Review of Axis foam roller by OPTP

9 years ago

524 words

I have been doing rehab with Josh. Though I didn’t have a house fall on me as Josh did I was in pretty bad shape. About June I started getting a pain in my foot. It’s called plantar fasciitis and it is painful. It is inflammation in the connective tissue where your arch meets your…

My Review of New Balance MT100’s

9 years ago

427 words

I am not a runner. I run, but I’m not religious about it. I enjoy fitness training and strive to do things the right way. As a big guy I want to train in such a way that I can stay active for many years to come. While I’m not an expert, I like reviewing…