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Category: Creativity

A Better Way to Pack Is A Better Way to Live

5 years ago

914 words

I really enjoy self improvement. I have one of those personalities that thrives on outside goals to motivate me to be better. Just left to my own motivation, things get pretty bad. I know that, I own that, so when I lack motivation I begin looking for that thing that will provide motivation for me.…

Extreme Church Innovation!

8 years ago

587 words

I was thinking the other day. I know, you’re impressed, so was I. But back to my story. I was thinking about innovation in the church. I was in attendance at the WillowCreek Global Leadership Summit. I was in a near dream state induced by sitting in a dark room listening to people talk about…

Why I haven’t been posting much lately

9 years ago

215 words

I haven’t been writing as many blog lately. I have been busy. I have been busy with ministry, but that is not the reason I haven’t been writing. The main reason I haven’t been writing here is because I’ve been writing other places. Specifically, I’ve been publishing online. I have been converting my Master’s Thesis…

Problem Focused vs Solution Focused, Which Are You?

9 years ago

1201 words

I’m pretty excited about attending the “Youth Ministry UnConference” in December at Irving Bible Church. The goal of the un-conference is to: “come together to pray for the youth of the world, and dream about how God might use us to help them know Him more deeply.” It is being hosted by a number of…